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Las Vegas is one of the best cities for a sports road trip in the United States. Las Vegas is the undisputed entertainment capital of America and is home to two professional sports franchises, including the legendary Raiders. If you want to plan a trip to Las Vegas to for a Raiders game, you won’t have any problem finding other sports events and big-time entertainment to pair it with for an ultimate sports road trip!

The best part about planning a sports road trip to Las Vegas is that you don’t even need to be a Raiders fan. You could be a fan of one of the teams visiting Las Vegas to play the Raiders. Or, you don’t even need to be a fan of either team; going to Las Vegas is a super fun trip to begin with and catching an NFL game at the brand-new Allegiant Stadium is an event you won’t soon forget.

Dan Brewer, owner of the Ultimate Sports Road Trip blog, stands in front of Allegiant Stadium before a Raiders vs Packers game on Monday Night Football.
Checking out Allegiant Stadium before the game…

For example, on my sports road trip to Vegas, I went to a Raiders – Packers game at Allegiant Stadium on Monday Night Football. I’m a Packers fan, so this was an awesome chance to see The Packers play outside of Lambeau in one of the most fun cities in the world. The Packers always have fans no matter where they play, and Las Vegas was no exception. It seemed that more than half the seats were Packers fans, proving that a trip to Vegas is a great destination to travel to see your team play an away game!!

Now’s the time to get in on the fun and plan a trip to Las Vegas to catch a Raiders home game at Allegiant Stadium. This guide to planning a trip to see a Las Vegas Raiders home game has everything you need to know to make your sport road trip memorable.

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A DIY Las Vegas Raiders Travel Package

When you do a search for “Las Vegas Raiders Travel Package“, you’ll get a ton of results with tour companies willing to plan your sports road trip for you. I used one of these sports tour companies for my first ever NFL game at Lambeau Field, and can attest that they do a great job, but be aware they will charge a premium for their services.

Why pay a premium to a travel agency, when it’s super easy to book your own sports trip to see a Las Vegas Raiders home game at Allegiant Stadium. From Los Angeles, CA to Buffalo, NY, I’ve been booking my own sports road trips for over a decade and am excited to share with you how easy it is to go to an NFL game in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Rather than pay a premium price for a pre-packaged sports trip to Vegas, I’d rather book it myself and sink the money I saved into better seats for the game at Allegiant Stadium. And you can too – it’s super easy to plan a visit to Las Vegas for a Raiders game!

The Las Vegas Raiders are in the red zone during a home game against the Green Bay Packers.

My guide to planning a trip to Las Vegas to go to a Raiders game takes you through step-by-step everything you need to know to have a memorable sports road trip. I guide you through how to get to Las Vegas, where the Raiders play, how to find the best seats at Allegiant Stadium within your budget, fun things to do in Las Vegas and so much more.

My Las Vegas Sports Road Trip

For my recent Las Vegas Raiders sports road trip, I started on a Friday morning in Los Angeles. My wife and kids tagged along on my sports road trip for their own southern California fun, so we hit the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. We had a blast all day Saturday at Universal Studios – catching unlimited rides with our Universal Unlimited Passes.

Then, on Sunday, I kissed my family goodbye and we went our separate ways. The wife and kids spent the day enjoying Santa Monica beach, while I headed to SoFi Stadium for the afternoon LA Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles game.

Early Monday morning, we caught a short flight from LA to Las Vegas. The wife and kids went to see Postcard from Earth at the Sphere, while I caught the Las Vegas Raiders play the Green Bay Packers at Allegiant Stadium on Monday Night Football. I closed out my mancation by catching U2 at The Sphere the following night.

Two friends enter Allegiant stadium - each supporting a different team.

This is exactly the type of trip I like to promote on Ultimate Sports Road Trip. I was able to catch 2 awesome NFL games, featuring four excellent NFL teams, in two brand new, outstanding football stadiums. On top of that, I got a once-in-a-lifetime experience watching one of my favorite bands play at the mind-blowing Las Vegas Sphere.

Las Vegas Raiders Sports Road Trip Ideas

My sports road trip to Las Vegas is only one of many possibilities. The best part of a sports trip to Las Vegas is that there is so much going on all the time. There so many are big time shows and concerts up-and-down the Strip, you’ll have trouble choosing!

For example, you could match up tickets for Criss Angel MINDFREAK on Friday with a Las Vegas Knights game on Saturday night, with a Raiders game on Sunday afternoon. The event combinations in Vegas are virtually endless.

In some of my other sports road trip travel guides for other NFL teams, I list the other sports cities within a 4 hour drive, but this isn’t possible for Vegas. The closest sports cities to Las Vegas are Las Angeles and Phoenix – each about a 5 hour drive. This isn’t a huge problem as there is so much to do in Vegas, you won’t need to go elsewhere to fill up your sports road trip itinerary!

Dan Brewer, owner of, gets his picture taken with the Raider Rusher mascot before a game at Allegiant Stadium.
Me and Raider Rusher before the game.

How to Get to Las Vegas, Nevada

Flying to Las Vegas, NV

Football fans flying into Las Vegas will land at the McCarran International Airport (LAS). With 30 airlines flying domestic and international flights into Las Vegas, it should be really easy to find a good flight into Vegas.

Located one block away from the southern end of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, it’s a short 15 minute drive from the Las Vegas airport to Allegiant Stadium. Given its close location to the airport and the Strip, you can likely get by without a rental car if you want to take a taxi or Uber to/from the airport.

Driving to Las Vegas

It’s so easy to get around Las Vegas without a car, that unless you are driving to Vegas with your own car, I wouldn’t recommend getting a rental car.

Personally, I love walking the cities I visit for NFL games, and Las Vegas is certainly an exciting place to walk. For example, I walked an hour each way from my Las Vegas hotel to Allegiant Stadium.

I know not everyone likes to walk as much as I do, but rideshare is a super easy way to get around Las Vegas. That said, you may want to have a back-up plan after the game as rideshare is often impossible to find after a major sporting event (keep reading for my story).

For all my other NFL travel guides, I put in a link to see your rental car options, but I won’t for Las Vegas. It’s just not necessary.

The New York New York casino hotel is all lit up at night after a Raiders primetime game.

Where do the Las Vegas Raiders Play?

When the Oakland Raiders relocated to Las Vegas in 2020, they moved into the brand new Allegiant Stadium. Located near the southern end of the famous Las Vegas Strip, Raiders fans go to home games at Allegiant Stadium. With a seating capacity of 65,000 for NFL games, there is a great seat for everyone at a Raiders home game.

At an estimated cost of nearly $2 billion, the all-black Allegiant Stadium is affectionately called “the Death Star”. Despite it’s intimidating Death Star demeanor, it’s a beautiful stadium and it’s a pleasure to watch an NFL game there.

Allegiant Stadium is the home of the Las Vegas Raiders.
“The Death Star”

Where is Allegiant Stadium?

Allegiant Stadium is located just west of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. There’s an overpass which is closed off to vehicle traffic on game days which allows pedestrians to walk from the Strip to the stadium. The views of the stadium on this bridge are some of the best you’ll find in Vegas.

a crowded pedestrian bridge runs from the Las Vegas Strip to the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, NV.

It’s really quick and easy to get to Allegiant Stadium. In normal traffic conditions, it should only take 10-15 minutes to drive from the Venetian Hotel at the far end of the strip to Allegiant Stadium. I was able to walk from the Linq Hotel to the stadium in about an hour.

Allegiant Stadium Address: 3333 Al Davis Way, Las Vegas, NV 89118, United States

Is Allegiant Stadium in a Safe Neighborhood?

Although it’s not on the Strip, Allegiant Stadium is located in the midst of the Las Vegas casino zone. Anytime you have casinos, there will be higher crime than usual. According to, the zip code around the Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium is in the 28% percentile for safety. This means 72% of zip codes in the USA are deemed to be safer.

This may sound bad, but it’s actually the same safety level all up and down the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re comfortable walking the Strip, and the vast majority of people are, then you should be ok going to Allegiant Stadium.

Unless you are quite unlucky, you’re likely going to attend your first game at the Raiders stadium without incident. Improve your odds by finding a secure place to park your rental car near the stadium.

Hotels from the Las Vegas strip are reflected off the glass panels on Allegiant Stadium.
It’s so close to the Vegas Strip, you can see the casino hotels in the reflections.

Parking at Allegiant Stadium

The Las Vegas Raiders stadium has a decent amount of land for parking lots, but if you are visiting from out of town, parking is likely not necessary. Being right across the highway from the Las Vegas Strip, changes are very good that you can simply walk to the stadium on game day. Or at least, take an Uber to a spot that’s close enough to walk.

The Raiders uses SpotHero to manage their official stadium parking, while there are several other parking apps which sell Raiders game day parking at nearby casinos. If you have to drive to the stadium, it’s advisable to book your spot ahead of time. All the major Raiders parking options are listed on the team’s website.

The parking lots around Allegiant Stadium a few hours before a Las Vegas Raiders home game on Monday Night Football.

Take an Uber to Allegiant Stadium

The Raiders have an official rideshare lot near the stadium on the north side of W Hacienda Drive.

As I described above, I walked from my hotel to the stadium, so I don’t have first-hand experience, but I can share with you my experiences from my trip to Los Angeles for a Rams game. It was really easy to get to Sofi Stadium by Uber. My driver dropped me off reasonably close to the stadium and I walked the remainder.

After the Rams game, it was a completely different experience. Myself, and hundreds of other people, went to the official rideshare zone and tried to find a driver. I was there over an hour, and didn’t get any drivers, and hardly anyone around me did. Frustrated, I even walked a long way from the stadium, and tried to get a driver there, but was unsuccessful. I ended up taking the bus.

Talking with Uber drivers later in my trip, they said it was because they are not paid for their time waiting in traffic and post-game traffic is awful. They stay far away from stadiums after games.

Based on my postgame experience in LA, I do not recommend planning to take an Uber home from a Raiders game. I recommend finding a casino resort close enough that you can walk to the game.

The Mandalay Bay hotel is so close to the Allegiant Stadium that you can easily walk to Raiders games.
You can easily walk to Raiders games from the Strip.

Choosing a Las Vegas Raiders Home Game

Over the course of a full NFL season, the Las Vegas Raiders will play either 8 or 9 home games at Allegiant Stadium. In even numbered years (2024, 2026, etc.) the Raiders will play 8 regular season home games, while in the odd numbered years (2025, 2027, etc.) the Raiders will play 9 regular season home games.

The Las Vegas Raiders home games will be scheduled as follows:

Three of the Las Vegas Raiders home games each season will be against AFC West division rivals (Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Chargers).

Two home games will be against teams from a specific division in the AFC Conference.

One home game will be from a team in a different division in the AFC Conference (based on division rankings the previous season).

Two home games will be against teams from a specific division in the NFC Conference.

The ‘ninth’ home game will be from a team in a different division in the NFC Conference (again, based on division rankings the previous season)

The scoreboard at Allegiant Stadium hypes up Monday Night Football before the primetime game.

Best Las Vegas Raiders Games to Get Tickets For

As a legendary NFL team, the Las Vegas Raiders have developed some intense rivalries over the years. Whenever one of the teams the Raiders have a rivalry plays at Allegiant Stadium, it’s virtually guaranteed to be an exciting game.

Games Against Division Rivals

The Las Vegas Raiders play in the AFC West in the American Football Conference (AFC). There are three other teams in the AFC West including the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Of their AFC West rivals, the Raiders biggest rival is the Kansas City Chiefs. One of the greatest NFL rivalries of all time, the Raiders and Chiefs have played each other over 130 times! The Chiefs hold a healthy lead in the lifetime series, and given their current dominance in the Patrick Mahomes era, it’s likely to get bigger. All the more reason for the Raiders to play hard to beat the Chiefs!

Games Against Legendary NFL Teams and Former Rivals

Who could pass up seeing the Raiders play a legendary NFL team such as the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49’ers.

A chance to see the Raiders play the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football is what drew me to visit Las Vegas for my first game at Allegiant Stadium. It seemed like more than half the stadium was wearing Packers jerseys, so it seems like a lot of folks from Green Bay decided to join me in Vegas for this game.

Jordan Love, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, is about to run a play against the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football.

2024 Las Vegas Raiders Home Schedule

Let’s face it – any trip to Vegas is gonna be awesome! But, the Raiders 2024 schedule has some pretty amazing games too! The marquee game of the season will be when Patrick Mahomes brings the Super Bowl champs (and fellow AFC West rival) the Kansas City Chiefs to town. The prime-time game the following Monday against the Falcons will also be a lot of fun!

  • Week 3: Sunday, Sept 3: Carolina Panthers @ Las Vegas Raiders

  • Week 4: Sunday, Sept 29: Cleveland Browns @ Las Vegas Raiders

  • Week 6: Sunday, Oct 13: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Las Vegas Raiders

  • Week 8: Sunday, Oct 27: Kansas City Chiefs @ Las Vegas Raiders
    >> Defending Super Bowl Champs & AFC West Division Rival <<

  • Week 12: Sunday, Nov 24: Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders
    >> AFC West Division Rival <<

  • Week 15: Monday, Dec 15: Atlanta Falcons @ Las Vegas Raiders
    >> Monday Night Football <<

  • Week 16: Sunday, Dec 22: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Las Vegas Raiders

  • Week 18: TBD – Los Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders
    >> AFC West Division Rival <<

Finding The Best Seats in Allegiant Stadium

With a seating capacity of 65,000, there’s a great seat in Allegiant Stadium for everyone! Based on my personal experiences in Vegas and in stadiums around the NFL, here are my recommendations to find the best seats for your Las Vegas Raiders home game:

Lower Bowl Between the 20 Yard Lines

Having bought many single game tickets at NFL stadiums around the league, I can tell you from experience that the best seats for your first Raiders game are in the lower bowl, along the sidelines, between the 20-yard lines. I love being so close to the action in this part of the lower bowl – you get a real appreciation for the speed of the game and the power behind the tackles.

My usual recommendation is to try to sit in row 20 or higher as if you sit too close to the field, you’ll be turning your head a lot as the play goes up-and-down the field. In addition, you risk having your view blocked by a mobile, elevated TV camera.

For NFL fans on a budget (like me), this recommendation can get very expensive for Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium. The lower bowl sideline seats between the 20’s are all club seats, so they do not come cheap. Sadly, these seats were out of my price range for the Raiders – Packers game I attended.

Heck – I couldn’t even afford to get a picture of the field from the club seats. I love exploring all corners of NFL stadiums prior to kick-off, but because these seats are club seats, I wasn’t allowed in to take a picture.

Green Bay Packers fans cheer as the team takes the field to play the Las Vegas Raiders.

Recommended Sections at Allegiant Stadium for Lower Bowl Seats

Sections C110 – C114

Sections C132 – C136

Best Value Seats – Lower Bowl Corners

Ok, so the lower bowl sideline tickets are the best seats in Allegiant Stadium. Well, guess what? They are also the most expensive seats too. If you are looking for great seats for your first Raiders home game, but don’t want to completely break the bank, try getting a ticket in one of the lower bowl corner sections.

As with the lower bowl sideline tickets, try not to sit too close. If you are 20 rows or higher, you’ll enjoy an incredible view of the field and you’ll never have to move your head to follow the play. From behind the field, it’s a great opportunity to watch the plays develop from the QB’s point of view.

The best part is that lower bowl corner seats at Allegiant Stadium often sell for half the price of the lower bowl sideline tickets.

For the Raiders vs. Packers Monday Night game, the best seats I could afford were in Section 143, Row 30. I loved these seats – they were excellent seats for the price.

The view from Allegiant Stadium Section 143, Row 30.
I loved my seats in Section 143 for the Raiders – Packers game.

Recommended Sections at Allegiant Stadium for Lower Bowl Corner Seats

Sections 103 – 105

Sections 118 – 120

Sections 125 – 127

Sections 141 – 143

Upper Level – Between the 20’s

And finally, the upper level sideline tickets at Allegiant Stadium also offer good value for your money. Many fans prefer to sit in the upper decks as they can see the plays develop more easily, and the atmosphere is often more fun than in the more expensive lower bowls. If possible, sit as low as possible in the upper decks.

The great thing about the upper level seating in Allegiant Stadium is that all the seats are individual seats with cushioned seats and seat backs. Many older stadiums in the NFL only offer steel, bleacher style benches in these sections.

The upper level seats in Allegiant Stadium are all individual seats with a seat back.

Seats in the upper level along the sidelines are often comparable in cost to the lower bowl corner seats, so pick your Raiders tickets based on your personal preference.

Recommended Sections at Allegiant Stadium for Upper Bowl Sideline Seats

Sections 310 – 314

Sections 336 – 340

Best Sections for the Scoreboard

One last thing you should know about buying Raiders tickets… Allegiant Stadium doesn’t have a jumbotron hanging over the field. Instead they have large replay screens on either side of the endzones.

The sections on the north side of the stadium (including my section 143) have the best view. On the south side of the stadium, there is a single, very large replay screen. Those who buy seats on the south side of the stadium will have to look at two smaller replay screens.

The biggest scoreboard at Allegiant Stadium is on the south side.
Seats on the north side of the stadium (looking south) get the better jumbotron.

How to Buy Las Vegas Raiders Tickets

Ticketmaster is the official ticket seller for the National Football League. Given the popularity of the Las Vegas Raiders, and how fun it is to come here to watch your team play a road game, you’ll likely be looking for single game Raiders tickets in the reseller market.

When I look for single game NFL tickets, I tend to jump between the three biggest resellers – Ticketmaster, StubHub and Vivid Seats. I have purchased from all three ticket platforms and don’t really have a preference. I browse all three to find the best seats I can find in my price range – then I simply buy them, regardless of which reseller it’s on.

The interior of Allegiant Stadium during a Raiders home game.

READ MORE: If you want more details about how I pick seats for NFL games, check out my complete guide on How to Find the Best Seats at a Football Game.

Best Hotels for a Las Vegas Raiders Home Game

If, like me, you are attending a Las Vegas Raiders home game from out of town, you’ll need to find a good place to stay for your sports road trip. The great news is that Vegas has some of the most fun hotels for a sports road trip anywhere in the world!

If you are looking for maximum convenience, the Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons Las Vegas and the Luxor Hotel are the three closest casino resorts to the Raiders stadium. These hotels are all within a 10-20 minute walk to the stadium.

Sorted from the closest hotel to the furthest, here are the walking times from the major casino hotels to the stadium:

  • Luxor Hotel & Casino – 12 minutes
  • Mandalay Bay – 15 minutes
  • Excalibur Hotel – 18 minutes
  • Four Seasons Las Vegas – 21 minutes
  • MGM Grand – 29 minutes
  • New York, New York Hotel – 31 minutes
  • ARIA Resort – 40 minutes
  • Bellagio Las Vegas – 48 minutes
  • Caesar’s Palace – 56 minutes
  • The Mirage – 1 hour
  • The Venetian Resort – 66 minutes
NFL fans leave Allegiant Stadium after a primetime football game. Mandalay Bay and the Luxor are lit up in the distance.
You can see the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor as you leave the stadium.

Regardless of your budget, we’re confident you’ll find a great place to stay for your first Raiders home game. Just remember – skimp on the hotel and spend your money on buying better Riders tickets instead!

Additional Info on Attending Las Vegas Raiders Home Games

Allegiant Stadium Guide

In this guide to planning a trip to Vegas to watch a Raiders home game at Allegiant Stadium, I’ve included all the major details to ensure you have the best sports road trip ever. Stadium policies are changing all the time, so rather than list them here, take a few minutes to review the the Allegiant Stadium “A-Z Guide“.

This handy stadium guide explains:

  • Stadium parking
  • The alcohol policy
  • The bag policy
  • The camera policy
  • Entry gates
  • Prohibited items
  • Ride sharing
  • Tailgating
A sign reads, "Welcome to Allegiant Stadium" as you enter.

Allegiant Stadium Map and Seating Chart

The brand new Allegiant Stadium is one of the most striking NFL stadiums I have been to. Before you go to your first LV Raiders home game, take some time to look at the Allegiant Stadium map and seating chart.

A useful Raiders seat map can be found on the Allegiant Stadium website. When researching good Raiders tickets, I find it useful to look at the 3D seating map found at Virtual Venue.

The view from the upper level sideline seats at the Raiders football stadium in Las Vegas.

LV Raiders Mobile App

Downloading the Las Vegas Raiders mobile app is a must prior to your first game at Allegiant Stadium. Not only can you access your mobile tickets on game day, you’ll have access to a wealth of information about the Raiders and their stadium. As a first-time visitor to Allegiant Stadium for a Raiders game, I found the Raiders app invaluable.

Best Things to do in Vegas on Game Days


Whenever I visit a new city for an NFL game, I’m always super jealous of the local fans who can easily set up shop and tailgate for hours before a game. The great news for out-of-town NFL fans is they can also have a pre-game Las Vegas Raiders tailgating experience.

The free Modelo Tailgate Zone is a really fun pre-game tailgating party next to the rideshare parking lot, just minutes from the stadium. Come watch the early games while enjoying live entertainment, games, photo ops and the chance to buy food & drinks from food trucks.

a Raiders fan kicks a field goal at the Modela Tailgate Zone prior to a primetime game.

Walking Around Allegiant Stadium

I’m a big stadium geek, so I spent a lot of time just walking around Allegiant Stadium before the Raiders – Packers game. Unlike SoFi Stadium in nearby Los Angeles, there aren’t many fan-friendly photo ops with the stadium. The best ones are in front of the big stadium sign and the big Raiders sign near the team store.

Once inside the stadium, if you want an up-close view of the Al Davis Memorial Torch, swing by section 100 by the North entrance gate. There’s also a really cool gallery of paintings of Raiders greats on levels 200.

Paintings of legendary Oakland Raiders players hang in a gallery inside Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Best Things to do in Las Vegas Aside from a Raiders Game

Sin City baby!! If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas for a Raiders home game, why not come early and make a weekend of it? There are so many awesome things to do in Las Vegas aside from going to a Raiders game. You won’t have any trouble finding things to do in Vegas during your Raiders road trip, but here are a few ideas:

Catch Another Vegas Sporting Event

We’re all about helping NFL fans plan an Ultimate Sports Road Trip! If you’re coming to town for a Raiders home game, why not do make it a weekend road trip and catch another Las Vegas sports team in action? Pairing up your Raiders game with a Las Vegas Knights game or a UNLV Rebels game would make for an awesome sports road trip!

Go to a Show on The Strip

This option is self-explanatory… Las Vegas is world famous for its big-ticket shows at the casino resorts. Going to a show or two is an awesome way to round out your NFL trip to Vegas.

Whether you catch a Cirque du Soleil show, grab tickets for the Absinthe adult circus, Criss Angel MINDFREAK or comic legends Penn & Teller, there’s going to be a great show to watch in Vegas.

The Bellagio hotel is nicely lit up at night after a Raiders primetime game.

Here’s a few other cool ideas to add to your trip to Vegas:

Grand Canyon Tour

You’re so close! Why not pair up your Raiders game with a visit to the Grand Canyon? This full day tour pairs up a trip to the Grand Canyon with the Hoover Dam.

Helicopter Ride over the Strip

There’s nothing quite like the Las Vegas Strip at night. The only thing better than walking the Strip at night, is to see it from the air!

The Sphere

On my sports trip to Las Vegas, I not only watched the Raiders play the Packers on Monday Night Football, but I also caught a couple of shows at the mind-blowing Sphere venue. The ongoing Postcard from Earth show was an incredible introduction to the capabilities of this insane venue.

I was also lucky enough to catch U2 during their residency at The Sphere. They are no longer there of course, but there will be other bands following their footsteps, so be sure to check and see if anyone is playing during your trip to Vegas!

U2 perform at The Sphere in Las Vegas, Nevada.
U2 play at The Sphere.

Get Your Las Vegas Raiders Gear (or Not)

The scoreboard at Allegiant Stadium reads, "Raiders Win" after a victory over the Green Bay Packers on MNF.

Given how awesome Vegas is for a sports road trip, I’m not going to assume you’re a die-hard Raiders. Regardless of whether you cheer for the Las Vegas Raiders or one of the visiting teams, attending an NFL game is way more fun when you are wearing team gear. For officially licenced NFL gear, be sure to check out the massive selection at You’re sure to find the perfect gear to wear to your first Las Vegas Raiders home game! ad for Las Vegas Raiders gear.

We make every effort to keep our pages current. If you are aware of inaccurate or outdated information, please let us know and we’ll update it ASAP!